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Dent Specialties
- PO Box 960129, El Paso, TX, 79996
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Push-to-paint: This is an option when your vehicle has been too badly damaged for a complete PDR repair. The dents can be repaired to such a point that a Body Shop will be able to use a light filler or primer before repainting and not have to replace the entire panel.

Clean-up: This is another option available for situations where PDR will not be able to completely repair damage. With clean-up, we can repair the dent enough to give it a more agreeable look even though it cannot be fully repaired.

About Dent Specialties

Are you a Vehicle owner looking to preserve the value of your investment?

Dent Specialties is a retail company located in EL Paso, TX, with additional operations in Allentown, PA and Omaha, NE. We are committed to offering the highest quality auto body service available.

Moreover, Dent Specialties offers the services of an anchored retail location, local accountability, familiarity with insurances and local agents, and meticulous, regularly employed technicians.In fact, we are an artistic, economical, efficient, and green alternative to your neighborhood body shop.

We accomplish this by employin ga relatively new technique called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR seek to preserve the original factory paint on a moderately dented vehicle in order to maintain its factory value.

In fact, PDR re-sculpts the vehicle's original form rather than filling dents, which significantly speeds up the body repair by eliminating the mixing, applying and drying times of fillers, primers, and clear coats.

Since PDR circumvents the use of these harmful compounds, it is also a Green and safer process because it eliminates the release of isocynate carriers into the environment. Given that it consumes less time and expense, it also saves you money while preserving your factory warranty.

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