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Quick Start Products & Solutions
770 Wiscold Dr, Rochelle, IL, 61068
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Quick Start Products & Solutions is the Industry Leader in Diesel Engine Ether Injection Systems.


Quick Start Products & Solutions combines rugged dependable components with professional engineering and rigorous testing to ensure products that will last in extreme environments. Extensive cold room testing at major OEM locations including Aberdeen & Peoria Proving Grounds have determined the optimal ether flow rates for heavy, medium and light duty diesel engines. Decades of fielded product testify to the quality and effectiveness of Quick Start Ether Systems.

The Quick Start System advantages are fully integrated with electronically controlled Diesel Engines using the latest technology, controls the amount of ether injected; permitting only the specified amount to enter the engine, ether use temperature range from -50F to 50F, arctic start capability @ -50F, ether systems designed for heavy, medium and light duty diesel engine applications, premium ether blend, reduces emissions at start-up, engine combustion cleaner. Make us part of your solution!

About Quick Start Products & Solutions

50 Years!

Quick Start is the industry leader in Ether Injection Systems.

We manufacture, assemble, and continue to deliver the highest quality products for over 50 years.

We design affordable and efficient systems in response to customer needs.

We maintain market leading positions with products such as ECM Controlled Continuous flow Ether Injection Systems, Manually controlled Measured shot ether injection systems, Electrically Controlled Systems.

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