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Grow Tech
240 Beaver St, Waltham, MA, 2452
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About Grow Tech

Bio Imaging and Diagnosing Pre-Symptom Plant and Crop Disease

GrowTech Inc is the leader in new ground-based, GrowScanner Bio Imaging systems that inspect and diagnose plant health for agriculture, horticulture and ecosystem applications.

GrowScanner Bio Imaging systems non-invasively image the plant's photosynthetic and bio-chemical pathways to quantify and diagnose, in real-time, unseen nutrient, pathogen or environmental plant stress conditions one to three weeks before the damage symptoms are visible to the expert enabling the End-User to manage fast-response, curative field solutions.

GrowScanner Bio imaging and disease management answers a critical need of Users - a real-time, pre-symptom evaluation with plant stress database to image, quantify and diagnose plant health and status for commercial inspection of high value field crops, greenhouse vegetables, nursery ornamentals and other agro-business applications.

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