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Car Wash Specialists
443 Washington St, Clarkesville, GA, 30523
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Car Washing Services & Polishing

About Car Wash Specialists

Carwash Specialists Inc

Our name is new, but our team of Specialists have been in the car wash business for many years. Our CEO, Charles Knight, has been installing and maintaining car washes for over 30+ years.

As a teenager he and his brother, Stanley Knight, put in a small one-bay carwash, and their business grew until they owned and operated a total of 14 self-service bays and two automatic bays.

When they discovered how difficult it was to get help and service, they joined together to open a full service company to build, install, service, and supply carwashes all over the state of Georgia and parts of surrounding states.

Charles continues to support established customers and prospective new customers through his new company, Carwash Specialists, Inc., which he started with the help of family and friends

We know what it is like to be the customer, because we have been there. SERVICE and RESPECT are the foundation on which we have built our relationships over the years, and these are the basis for our new company. We service what we sell and we stand behind our customers.

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