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Milsek Furniture Polish - Petersburg OH
5525 E Pine Lake Rd, Petersburg, OH, 44454
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Use the Best Furniture Polish, Wood Cleaner & Stainless Steel Cleaner From Milsek. Great fresh Scents With No Harmful Chemicals


Our products: Milsek Furniture Polish with Lemon Oil, Milsek One Step Stainless Steel with Coconut Scent, Milsek for Antiques & Restoration, Milsek Gun Stock & Barrel Cleaner, Milsek One-Step Stainless Steel Cleaner, Furniture Polish with Lemon, Furniture Polish with Orange Scent, Furniture Polish with Holiday Scent, Milsek Instrument Cleaner.

Where to buy:; Giant Eagle; Marc's; Discount Drug Mart; Trader Horn; Island Distributors (Hawaii); and a wide variety of True Value and Ace Hardware Stores.

About Milsek Furniture Polish - Petersburg OH

Milsek Furniture Polish Inc. We are the manufacturers and distributors of the complete line of Milsek products.

Every homeowner wants to find the best kitchen cleaner to get that fresh, sparkling, brand new look at any time. Well, with Milsek, you will get more than the best kitchen cleaner, you will also get floor polish, furniture cleaners and so much more to help you completely revitalize your entire home, quickly and easily, with safe and hassle-free products.

Milsek will clean, polish, preserve and protect all wood surfaces.

With that notion, we have added unique scents and oils to expand on the product line to introduce Milsek to Stainless Steel, Leather, Antiques and so much more. Now, there is a specific Milsek product to handle any kind of specific application, from cleaning old wood furniture or antiques, to revitalizing your stainless steel appliances or your leather chairs. We know our furniture cleaners and polishes will keep your purchases looking their very best, with no build-up.

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