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Primitive - Showroom Location - Chicago IL
130 N Jefferson St, Chicago, IL, 60661
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Primitive offers Beautifully Crafted Authentic Objects & Furnishings from Around the Globe.


Primitive offers a rare collection of Asian antique furniture, authentic Africa art, and extensive collections of rare artifacts, ethnographic objects, rugs, textiles, jewelry, fashion, fine art, paintings & prints from all around the world.

About Primitive - Showroom Location - Chicago IL

Primitive is known for presenting: The best of the world right next door.

We present you with rare pieces, bold items with great color, texture, unmatched quality and feel that offer a practical use. Primitive offers collections of fine art and human ingenuity that are protected by their own inherent beauty.

Whether it is a complete room setting or a single piece intended to solve an interior design problem, something already created or to be imagined and built, an installation of accessories or a single statement piece, something to be worn every day or only for special occasions, a gift for a loved one or yourself, everything offered at Primitive has a story, history, purpose and design heritage, has been carefully selected, and comes from the hand and heart.

From tribal art to Asian and Indian furnishings, Primitive's astounding collection of precious, hard-to-find elements and antiquities reflect over 100 cultures culled from exotic and isolated destinations?each bringing the beauty and history of the multi-cultural to aesthetic life?an unmatched collection of rare and contemporary furniture, fine art, artifacts and accessories showcased in an evocative setting.

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