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Rent A Ruminant - Seattle WA
- PO Box 1345, Seattle, WA, 98122
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Rent A Ruminant Specialize in Eco-Friendly, Animal Friendly Vegetation Management Utilizing Goat Herds.



About Rent A Ruminant - Seattle WA

Hire a Herd to clear your land.

This is an eco-friendly, green and sustainable approach to ridding property of unwanted vegetation.

When you rent a herd of goats to clear land you do not need to dispose of the debris. You get the job done without noisy machinery. And when you rent goats you do not need to apply for land clearing permits. Goats can easily clear land on steep hillsides and rough terrain. and can go where people and machines cannot go safely. This all saves you time and money.

Using rental goats to clear land is fun for the community. People love to watch goats!

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