News Releases - Electronic Media Marketing Group Inc., files complaint exposing North Dakota Attorney General misrepresented information going after the publisher's


by October 01, 2014


Cease and Desist Order is an Abuse Of Process and Illegal Prosecution.

Electronic Media Marketing Group Inc., (EMMGI) filed a complaint on Thursday after the State of North Dakota Attorney General issued an order for EMMGI to cease enlisting new customers in North Dakota and to desist collections from any existing customers using its services.

"It is not that the State of North Dakota Attorney General uncovered that EMMGI was doing anything illegal..." said Vladimir Adolphe, President of EMMGI, "...there were subpoenas from Attorney Generals from other states in the past that went no further when they reviewed the evidence. Rather it is that the State of North Dakota Attorney General was the only one who misrepresented that same evidence".

Adolph contends that the complaint exposes the Attorney General of North Dakota was provided information at the time of petitioning for the cease and desist order, that shows that North Dakota companies being billed by the online publisher, were in fact being billed with their prior authorization for online advertising services.

Adolph said the Cease and Desist order is not the result of a judicial process in which North Dakota's claims against his firm were evaluated by an informed and impartial arbitrator, but in this case was a deliberate abuse of the process – the evidence is clear and conspicuous that the Cease and Desist Order is not indicated.

Adolph said there are tangible consequences as a result of the actions of the Attorney General of North Dakota, to his company "anyone who goes to a job interview or, any potential client of any firm negotiating a contract for services researches the firm they are negotiating with" but also to him personally from public insults and humiliations to threats "picture old acquaintances doing a search for me or those who bear my last name, and seeing that article from an Attorney General who is a trusted figure, unsuspecting of the agenda of that particular Attorney General".

Adolph said that in a recorded conversation with the Assistant Attorney General who petitioned for the cease and desist order, he argued EMMGI's marketing campaigns are compliant with the FCC's Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) and the federal government guarantees his firm safe passage to conduct business as long as his program is compliant, and the Assistant Attorney General told him "we have had a lot of experience with this, and you carry some of the baggage of all the companies...".


Available Files - Portable Documents - Acrobat Reader - PDF: official complaint to North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem › PDF

Transcript of the conversation when the North Dakota Assistant Attorney General Elin Alm representing the North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was confronted about misrepresenting the evidence › PDF

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