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by January 25, 2017


Electronic Media marketing Group, Inc (EMMGI), the parent company of is said to have been developing a new and unprecedented SEO algorithm that will ensure its advertisers superior ranking from searches performed by users on Search Engines (SE) such as Google, Yahoo or Bing announced Bob Lontin, Chief Technology Officer at EMMGI.

Lontin explained that Vladimir Adolphe (Vlad Adolph) CEO at EMMGI mandated the research and allocated extensive resources to achieve this objective citing there are a growing number of online publishers fighting for superior positioning of their content and that there is literally a SEO war being fought.

According to Lontin, after extensive research and development to achieve the mandate issued by Adolph, it became apparent that conventional network servers restricted the implementation of the algorithm. In other words, the new SEO techniques were just too complex for regular servers and new servers had to be acquired.

Lontin said “development is expected to be completed before the 3rd quarter of 2017 and past that point, all others will be playing catch up” The implementation of the new algorithm will be gradual, it will be applied to new ads being created and published and will gradually be applied to existing ads. Gradual steps are required since existing ads will have to be recreated.

Vlad Adolph had previously released a statement with various developmental projects that were being mandated to achieve the aggressive growth that he tasked for “We are well ahead of our projections and we will continue to push for aggressive growth”.

According to marketing associations, offers unparalleled online advertising value in online publishing “companies such as take on much larger corporations and pack their offering at lower prices to compete”.

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