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by January 27, 2017


Electronic Media marketing Group, Inc (EMMGI), the parent company of released the following statement detailing the technologic, ergonomic and marketing innovations built-in to its advertiser listing page.

What makes an advertiser listing page design successful is the organization of the information that it displays. No one wants to comb through an excess of irrelevant information to find out whether they can use a Visa card at the advertiser’s establishment.

The challenge is created by the variety of different types of information that needs to be displayed, keeping in mind that not every user who views the advertiser listing page is interested in every type of information. An action team comprised of business process engineers, graphic designers and programmers developed a concept of collapsible sections of information accessed with a label by touching the label on a touchscreen or clicking with a mouse pointer.

Another way that the design adds marketing value for the advertiser is the consideration that where a user accesses an advertiser listing page, an image of the advertiser’s establishment is positioned so that the first focus seen by the user visiting the page is that image. A user instantly makes a positive impression of an advertiser.

Another key feature is the SVG scalable design; most users would react “say what?” to that term but its importance is considerable when considering the variety of devices (from large screen televisions and desktop computers, laptops to mobile devices) used to access the advertiser listing page. The best way to explain that feature is by putting in context that viewing the same picture on a 70 inch television or on a 9 inch mobile screen requires a seamless integration.

The advertiser listing page includes innovations in other areas both seamless and tangible, such as the analytics algorithms used to track metrics or couponing.

“We are proud of the value we pack into our offering and we are able to do so at advertising rates far less than that of other online advertisers” said Vladimir Adolphe (Vlad Adolph), CEO at EMMGI, the parent company of

This development is in line with a series of innovative steps mandated by Adolph as part of an aggressive bid to position as a premier choice for advertiser and users alike.

So far that bid has been a winning one. According to marketing associations, is dynamic and rapidly expanding.

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